Explore Bali

Bali is a culturally rich island. It has numerous temples that show its Hindu identity. There are too many great views and sights to visit, but we picked our best. One piece of advice, just go around and about and you will for sure see incredible sights and meet super friendly people. We will assist you to make up your mind or where to start or continue your trip. Have fun and safe travels!

Home of one of Bali's most famous high priests, Pedanda Gede Keniten. ALso, we can see the process of traditional palm sugar making and the process of the Balinese beverage, Tuak.



Kamasan has a cultural importance on a Bali-wide level. The various 'traditional' styles of painting on modern Bali are derived from the Kamasan style, which in turn takes it patterns from ancient Java. Historically, artists from Kamasan were used by the many raja courts that existed on Bali up to the early twentieth century.

Time from Topi Inn 0.5 hour

Time from Topi Inn 0.5 hour


This place holds Bali's traditional salt panning process. Have a look at how the seasalt is being extracted.

Time from Topi Inn 0.5 hour


Tihingan Village in Banjarangkan sub district is the center of Gong gamelan production. Its production is start with crude work then expert work to synchronize the gong sound. Also, here the people make traditional bronze and copper instruments.

Time from Topi Inn 1 hour