Topi Inn Restaurant

In Topi Inn, our tropical home away from home, we offer you a relaxing atmosphere with yummy food, healthy drinks, quality coffee and scrumptious homemade cakes.

Our aim is to keep on presenting you with the freshest food that our kitchen staff prepares for you with hygiene and care. We are therefore as selective as possible in choosing produce without chemical sprays and never add food enhancer (MSG or E621). All our vegetables get washed with certified spring water and to avoid bacteria and stomach problems we especially make our own ice blocks in our drinks from Aqua spring water!! Please help us keep the environment cleaner by reducing plastic and refill your water bottle with us at cost price.

Restaurant offerings

  • Breakfast

  • Lunch

  • Dinner

  • Snacks and bites

If you think you deserve a great holiday… try our food, too! You might not want to leave!

Restaurant offerings: Among others, deserts and buffet bebek tutu (balinese style steamed duck) and Topi Inn offers a big choice of vegetarian food. Our food gets cleaned with mineral water and is MSG free. We take pride & care in making tasty and healthy food for you!