List of Workshops

All our workshops with our Balinese talented teachers are for adults and children from 5 years old an may be extended into more in-depth workshops. Price may be subject to change. By participating you have the chance to get a greater understanding of the Balinese culture. One euro of our fee is donated to the local village. Bookings are necessary (but not necessarily on the website). Our tropical workshop center is also available to guest teachers with or without their own groups.

Balinese Cooking

First of all you will pay a visit to the local market where you get to identify the huge variation of fresh exotic spices and vegetables. At the same time you shop for those ingredients needed to replicate your future culinary feast around lunchtime! With your personal guide you learn how to cook a Balinese meal the traditional Balinese way for your guests or friends at home. At completion you will enjoy your own cooked lunch accompanied by a few glasses of local rice wine.

Duration: ± half day Cost: € 15 p.p (min. 2 persons) Recipes included


  • Basa Gede – a paste of several spices

  • Jukut Ares - Balinese soup

  • Pesan Celengis – Grilled coconut fish in banana leaf

  • Bali sate lilit – Balinese fish sate

  • Jukut Urab – Balinese vegetable dish

  • Sambal Matah

  • Dadar – Balinese pancake

Balinese Dancing

Balinese Dancing is one of the ancient cultural arts and traditions. Our talented dance teachers took lessons from early childhood. For example to learn the basic dance the “Pendet” it takes 5 to 10 lessons. The first lesson is a fascinating introduction to get insight in the basics of Finger-, Feet-, Eyes- and Hand movements and basic dancing poses of Balinese dancing.

You may choose to learn to dance and advance to whatever level you wish to, at your own pace.

Duration of each session: max. 2 hours
Cost: € 14 p.p. (min. 2 persons)
Children: half price


After a brief history of “Batik” you learn hands on all procedure steps of batik. Using your own design or ours, drawn with wax, you may create your own souvenir as a nice memory of Bali. You can choose from a T-shirt, cushion cover, napkin or a sarong. Kids love this course too!!

Duration: half day
Cost: € 18 p.p (min. 2 persons)
including cloth of 40 x 40 cm supplied

Make your own jewelry

Guided by our Silversmith you create your own jewel. The bench on where you learn how to create your piece of art is set up exactly as in the Balinese traditional silversmith’s workshop. On this, you can go ahead with guidance of this craftsman. You sure will learn and also have fun.

This workshop has been made possible by: Scuba-Silver

Duration: As long as you wish
Cost: on request (min. 2 persons)
Excluding the amount of silver of choice


Guided by our Master Teacher, create your own piece of art out of wood or stone, using the traditional Balinese tools and techniques.

Duration: half day
Cost: on reguest (min. 2 persons)
including slab of stone or wood of ± 25 x 25 cm